Diesel, petrol, hybrid models.
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We voice only real conditions. We do not buy cars that do not start or have severe damage
We work only for a commission. No markups, overpayments and hidden fees
At all stages of the transaction the car belongs only to the customer
We take video and photo review on the car, we check LKP, we pack in a protective film before sending

Prices and models

Audi А7
3.0 / 2017 год.
65.000 km
15 000 $
Audi Q3
3.0 TDI / 2012 год.
123.000 km
7 500 $
BMW 520d
2014 год.
78.000 km
8 500 $
2.0 TDI / 2011 год.
133.000 km
4 000 $
Audi Q5
3.0 TDI/ 2015 год
95.000 km
12 600 $
BMW 320d
2014 год.
155.000 km
6 000 $
VW Passat CC
2.0 TDI/ 2013 год
133.000 km
4 500 $
BMW 730d
2011 год.
170.000 km
8 500 $
Mercedes E220d
2014 год
82.000 km
8 700 $
Audi A7
3.0 TDI/ 2015 год
119.000 km
10 000 $

Customer feedback

The cost of servitude and services.

The cost of our commission is $ 250. This price includes car selection services, organization of delivery conditions and customs clearance of the car. You pay us only for our services.

At your request, we provide contacts of brokers, car delivery companies or communicate with them yourself, which is not reflected in our commission.

Commission $ 250
How are we different from other companies?

Our company works only honestly, fully justifying the paid commission. The customer pays for the won car on the account (invoice) in the name of the South Korean company, which is a representative of the insurance auction Happycar. Upon arrival of the car in the Ukrainian port, the client independently, and not through our company, pays for delivery services, the broker and the cost of customs clearance. The client can also pick up his car from the port, or use the services of a tow truck to deliver the car to the desired location.

We always announce the real conditions about the condition and mileage of the car in the budget announced by the client. More often than not, fellow companies specifically underestimate the cost of the car and the cost of repairs in order to interest the customer more and persuade them to turn to these companies, so often cars delivered, for example, from the US, cost their owners much more than initially announced conditions. The cars we choose are not always cheaper than those sold on the Ukrainian market, but they always have fair mileage, good technical, visual condition, minor damage. We will refund the commission paid by the client if we are not able to find a normal car at the price announced by you.

Of course, cars with various degrees of damage are sold at auction, and the level of damage, mileage, year always directly depend on the final cost of the car. We work only with those cars that are in full swing and have no gross defects, so the cars ordered from us differ in cost from those sold on the Ukrainian market for $ 1000-3000 (and sometimes stand as well), but, when this, have a better condition, even in spite of the sometimes large mileage.

The average delivery time of cars is 65-80 days from the date of departure from the port of South Korea. Delivery time from the auction site to our site in Korea is 1-2 days. The duration of selection is from 7 to 30 days. The whole process from the moment of ordering a car to the moment of transfer to the client, as a rule, takes 100 days. Due to the fact that we work only with minimally damaged cars, the duration of repairs is 7-14 days, depending on the contractor chosen by the client.

Unfortunately, most colleagues keep quiet about the fact that damage to the car during transportation is a fairly common case, and when receiving the car, the new owner discovers the nuances that were not before shipping, and these nuances usually add to the repair budget. +150 $ and more dollars. Before sending, we cover all the cars with a transport film, which minimizes the appearance on the paintwork of new scratches and chips from rough contact with the clothes of loaders, etc ..

We perform a detailed inspection of the paintwork for the presence of cosmetic repairs in the past. Yes, it is extremely rare, but cases of presence of podkrasov and not rough repairs are present. After checking the paint, we make a defect of damaged parts. Next, we remove the state of the internal elements of the cabin and the engine in the started state.

Why cars from South Korea, and not from the United States or Ukraine?


South Korea – a country with a very high level of life, good roads, high standards for fuel quality and a favorable climate, so the South Korean machines always have a good technical and visual condition.


Cars that go under the South Korean market are completely identical to the European, and therefore have the same optics, bumper, scales of devices.


European brands of cars can only afford wealthy citizens who provide their auto-level service level.


Koreans are a very disciplined and pedantic people, which, unlike Americans, are very gently relate to their cars, so 90% of cars that come from Korea, salons are always protected by covers and capes, and door ends are always glued protective sponge.


Mandatory insurance of cars in South Korea. All citizens are in a mandatory order insuring their cars, so getting into a slight road accident, riding into a deep puddle, rainfall in the car through an open hatch – the conditions that are sufficient for insurance cases that lead to the write-off of cars for sale through the auction HappyCar on auction the external market. This is also the reason why most cars sold through auction, cosmetically did not repair before.


Almost all cars go to pre-maximal or maximum complete set, with top diesel, gasoline or hybrid engines. This is also a significant difference in South Korean cars from American.


Cars that are sold through auto-buses always have an honest mileage and service history, as an important condition for recognizing the emergence of guarantees, is compliance with all norms listed in the insurance policy, mainly servicing the machine at the official station. The cars used in a taxi or are not exploited in accordance with compulsory insurance, sold through other Korean Internet platforms.
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How are we working?
Reception of the application.
The client announces the desired model, its characteristics and pricing budget.
Matching the conditions.
We agree to the probability of choosing the necessary model to the voiced budget.
Signing a contract and payment of a commission
Sign a bilateral agreement with a personal meeting or remotely. After that, the client pays our commission.
Selection of the desired model.
Auctions are held daily from 6:00 to 10:00 am by Kiev time. In this interval, trades are carried out in all "today's" lots. In this time, we actively communicate with the client on playing models or independently accept the decision on the necessary rate on one or another auto.
The car is delivered to our site.
Delivery of won car from auction to our playground lasts 1-3 days. Upon arrival of the car, we make a detailed review of the machine, checking LCP, check the condition of the salon, substrate space and remove the video.
Sending a car to the port "Chornomorsk".
As a rule, the sending of the car occurs after 1-3 weeks after arriving on the playground, immediately with the first ship.
Expedition, clearing and receipt of cars.
The car is sent by maritime delivery within 60-80 calendar days. After arriving in the port, the car undergoes the necessary customs procedures and receives customs clearance on a new owner.
Delivery to the owner.
After customs clearance, the car is ready for delivery to the owner in the voiced settlement. The customer announces the necessary address and delivery date.
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